About the Building

There are many different functions of integrating in Opinmäki was introduced 12th of august 2015. In Opinmäki you can find a wide range of Espoo Education Services facilities for all ages. At the same time the building plays a key role in creating an open area meeting place.

Action in Opinmäki is based on co-operation and interaction between both operators and with local residents. The design of facilities and activities is aimed at promoting the diversification of human development and well-being and the realization of pluralism, sustainable development, multiculturalism and internationalism. Also on the premises in the learning process is taken into account where the student has an active role in information structuring and production, information which has been acquired by studying and observing.

Opinmäki itself is the subject of an instrument and learning. Its services, architecture and culture has been created to strengthen lifelong learning. Opinmäki areas are in principle shared. Sharing and openness of the spaces create a good basis for a new operating culture. The new culture will also enhance the use of facilities by increasing co-operation



The focus is on lifelong learning by doing. Activities are planned and implemented together with youth services and other actors. It aims to respond to both school students than local residents’ needs. Premise also serves as self-serving library, which means that it is open daily for a library card and ID.

Youth center offers afternoon and evening activities for children. In the evenings and in the afternoons Opinmäki areas are also satisfied for arts education, physical education and adult education institutes activities. In addition, spaces, against payment, is available for the region’s residents and other user groups.

About Opinmäki
Building: 16 700 m2
Lead Designer: Esa Ruskeepää Architects
Year: 2015
Competition results for the year: 2011-2012
Competition entries factors: Esa Ruskeepää, Thomas Miyauchi

Project elements:

Architect: Esa Ruskeepää
Lead Designer: Vesa Erikkilä
Project Architect: Sasu Marila